"When I started my acupuncture treatment, I was using pain killers 3 times a day and I never got any better. Now I feel more confident about my physical and mental health. I will recommend Michelle to any body that is having the same condition or worse. Do not hesitate to call Michelle Masangkay to get an appointment and start treatment." - Edmundo

Helps a lot! - Luis

"My right shoulder pain is gone. Michelle’s treatment of my aches and pains was beyond my expectations. I am now able to lift and almost have full use of my shoulder strength. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Michelle is simply amazing! I am now a true believer of acupuncture. Thanks Michelle!" -Rafael

"I received an injury to my right elbow. I experienced immediate pain that continued for several months. My condition was noted as a likely rupture of the triceps tendon and tendonitis of the extensor and flexor muscles. My desire to avoid medication and surgery as much as possible led me to Michelle for acupuncture. After the first treatment, I was sold on Michelle, and acupuncture and herbal medicine. My symptoms of pain have greatly improved. Thank you Michelle! You are remarkable!" - Bill

"Before I went to Michelle I was so miserable. My sciatic was causing me so much pain. I no longer enjoyed doing anything! When I went to my first appointment, I was doubtful they will be able to help me. But after a couple visits I was starting to feel less pain. Now I am at the point where the pain is almost none existent. My life has gone back to normal and most of all I get to play again with my grandchildren without pain. I want to thank Michelle for giving me my life back. THANK YOU!" - Arnulfo

"Michelle Masangkay has helped improve the quality of my life in just ten sessions! I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs any sort of treatment. She is very social, professional, and extremely competent. She has a light hand and I hardly feel a pinch when the needles are inserted. My surgeon could not believe how quickly I recovered from my Achilles surgery. Thanks Michelle for all the help and comfort you have given me." - Reggie

"My husband was seeing a medical doctor for chronic headaches and blurry vision. The doctor kept throwing medications at my husband that did not really help and went so far as to give him depression pills and increasing the dosage of his blood pressure pills. This MD appeared to be at a loss as we showed him over and over that his “guesswork” was not working. We decided at that point to take more control of his care by requesting for other medical tests as we tried to isolate what may be going on and begin looking at alternative approaches at the same time.

We decided to set an appointment with Michelle and within one day of his first visit, my husband’s blurry vision dissipated and his headaches have also abated with a slight pressure that comes and goes. He is now able to go back to his exercise regimen and is able to focus on activities of daily living whereas before, he was almost reduced to staying in bed or on a chair.

Michelle complemented my chiropractic treatment and has helped to relieve the tension that has built up and down my neck, back, legs, and foot. In my last visit, I was in pain and had not had a chance to see the chiropractor yet. Michelle looked at my ‘purple’ tongue and saw that I needed relief, targeted those points and added moxa therapy that alleviated the pain to enable me a restful sleep and function the following morning.

Along with these conditions, Michelle also started us on some herbal supplements that helped smooth out and relieve our anxiety and stress and the organs that needed help to get healthy again.

We have also started seeing Michelle to implement a maintenance regimen.

We are very impressed and satisfied with the care and support Michelle has provided and the continual progress on the pain management and stress. We intend to continue seeing her." - Edmundo